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About KINS Clinic

Singapore's first clinic dedicated solely to acne treatments. Using Microbiome-focused approach towards Acne recovery, our Personalised Acne Treatments are developed by dermatologists and backed by science, dedicated to helping you find long-term relief from acne.


Our passion is to help you achieve clear skin, and our mission is to deliver personalised acne treatment that is tailored to your needs. We have collected over 20,000 skin data to understand the unique characteristics of each person’s skin, and this helps our Microbiome experts and dermatologists to formulate and create customised treatments and skincare for you.


Skin Data collected

To create effective Microbiome treatments


Patients Diagnosed

For optimum Acne treatment and recovery


Combined Years of Experience

To personalise treatments to you

4.3 million Singaporeans

suffered from Acne at least once

Source: Singhealth

Acne in Singapore

National statistics show that over 80% of the population* is suffering or has suffered from Acne at least once in their life. Some may recover over time, however, there are many that find themselves unable to recover from recurring acne and scarring. 

At KINS Clinic, we want to help acne sufferers stop recurring acne for good. Try our Personalised Acne Treatment and experience the difference today.

Microbiome & Acne

The relationship

Microbiome refers to the diverse community of microorganisms that reside on our skin's surface and in our body. A disruption in the skin's Microbiome is one of the key reason why acne recurs. An imbalance affects the skin's barrier function, making it more susceptible to bacterial colonisation and acne development.

Understanding and targeting the skin microbiome through specialised treatments, like Microbiome skincare, can help restore balance and improve acne outcomes by promoting a healthier and more harmonious skin ecosystem.

Message from our Founder


After dedicating years to working with my committed team in Japan, assisting patients with chronic skin conditions, I have chosen Singapore as the ideal location to establish our first specialized clinic focused solely on acne. With this expansion, our aim is to extend our support to patients globally, addressing their skin concerns and offering effective solutions.

Acne afflicts numerous individuals, causing prolonged burdens and challenges. Achieving a full recovery requires a thorough understanding of your Microbiome health, allowing you to tackle the root causes of acne recurrence and halt its persistence, thus preventing scarring from occurring.

​If you have any concerns about acne, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team of doctors is here to guide you through your acne treatment journey. Feel free to contact us for assistance and support.

Yutaka Shimokawa

KINS founder Yutaka Shimokawa's signature

KINS Corporation

For comprehensive insights into KINS' global activities, visit our corporate website for in-depth information.

Let our experts help you

Don't face acne alone; let our doctors assist you in finding a suitable acne treatment that your skin needs.


Acne-free skin starts with Microbiome care

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