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KINS' founder Yutaka Shimokawa's  headshot

  • Managing director of KINSLABO SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.

  • Head of microbiome research laboratory at KINS

  • Ex-chairman of 5 clinic groups in Japan

  • Worked with over 2500 patients with chronic diseases 


Yutaka Shimokawa

An entrepreneur of Microbiome innovation, Yutaka owns KINS Clinic in Singapore and in Japan, KINS Skincare and KINS WITH Veterinary Clinic.

We aim to become the leading Microbiome Innovation company in the world. 

Our goal is to raise global awareness about the importance of Microbiome health in our bodies, while continuously striving to innovate effective Microbiome treatments for both humans and animals alike.

I want to share our expertise and insights on the transformative effects of Microbiome treatments collected through years of research and analysis to you. We are dedicated to aiding patients worldwide in their journey to achieve lasting recovery from acne through natural methods that are easily sustained over time, effectively preventing future recurrences.

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Story behind KINS Clinic

​With approximately 80% of Singapore's population, accounting for an estimated 4.3 million individuals, being affected by acne, the prevalence of this condition is undeniable. It is this staggering number that propelled my decision to establish a clinic in Singapore, aiming to provide guidance and assistance to those are struggling with acne. Our clinic is committed to guiding individuals on a path to full and lasting recovery from acne through the utilization of our natural and health-focused Microbiome solutions.

Yutaka's Journey towards Microbiome Innovation and Acne treatment

Yutaka was actively involved in the promising field of microbiome research with medical associations and the University of Tokyo when he realised the importance of Microbiome health and its effects on the body. 

As a topic that was much researched, however, Microbiome was a relatively new concept in the eyes of a consumer. During his years of research on various patients, he discovered that most health conditions can be prevented if the Microbiome health is taken care of from the beginning. His fervent belief in the importance of promoting a healthy skin microbiome motivated him to launch KINS, a Microbiome-based skincare brand in Japan in 2018 and then KINS Clinic in Singapore in 2023.

Discovering the key relation between
Microbiome and Acne

As our skin makes up the largest organ in the body, it contains a diverse collection of microorganisms (Microbiome), so taking care of your skin's microbiome will help you in achieving a clearer and healthier complexion, free from common skin conditions like acne, eczema, dryness and so on. 

How does Microbiome play a part in the recovery process of various skin conditions?

A skincare product focuses on a single ingredient and helps target a very specific problem. However, these products may not suit your skin, resulting in side-effects or worsening of the condition that you are already suffering from.


On the other hand, Microbiome skincare is not about fixing one specific problem but instead, its main focus is to help restore natural balance in the skin, strengthening its barrier against bad bacteria, such as Acne, resulting in a clear and healthy complexion over time. 

Having the right treatment is crucial in proper recovery of your Acne. Take care of your Microbiome is the most natural and effective way to put a stop to prevent acne from recurring. 

With the help of Microbiome, let our doctors help guide you towards a full acne recovery journey here at KINS Clinic. 

Let us be the last stop for your acne concerns.

Entrust our experts to help you achieve the clear skin you desire.


Acne-free skin starts with Microbiome care

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