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Dermatologist and 
Chief medical advisor

Dr Henry Loh

Dr Henry Loh, MBBS (Melbourne),
MRCP (London), FAMS (Dermatology)

With over 22 years of experience, Dr Henry Loh has extensive experience in medical, surgical and laser dermatology. Dr Loh’s key expertise lies in aiding patients with their acne conditions and is constantly researching on new methods to speed up the effective rate of acne treatments for his patients. 

As a firm believer and advocate of Microbiome and its strong correlation to acne, Dr Loh joined KINS Clinic as Head Dermatologist Advisor as he combines his expertise in Acne and interest in Microbiome treatment to innovate and create effective in-clinic treatments for acne patients.

Let us be the last stop for your acne concerns.

Entrust our experts to help you achieve the clear skin you desire.


Acne-free skin starts with Microbiome care

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