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No need for double cleansing, your cleanser and face wash in one bottle. Containing highly biodegradable bacteria-derived ingredients*1, this cleansing gel is gentle to both skin bacteria*2 and the environment.
*1 Surfactin sodium (cleansing ingredient) 
*2 Commensal skin bacteria that maintain skin moisture

Amount : 100 g (approx. 30 days)

Cleansing Gel

  • Our gel formula takes careful consideration of the skin, microbiome, and the environment.
    The thick gel is frictionless and gentle, and can be washed off quickly without emulsification, leaving the skin moist after washing.

    Excessive washing of the face, such as double cleansing, and excessive use of high detergent surfactants can wash away the moisture and sebum necessary for the skin.

    KINS Cleansing Gel removes makeup and dirt while protecting the moisture necessary for beautiful skin with "fermented peptides "*1 derived from natto bacteria, leading to clear and transparent skin*2.
    In addition, it contains approximately 98%*3 of naturally derived ingredients and 97%*4 of beauty essence ingredients.

    No double cleansing is required to reduce the burden on the skin.
    *1 Surfactin sodium (cleansing ingredient) *2 From the cleansing process
    *3 Index indication pertaining to natural and organic in cosmetics based on ISO 16128 (including water)
    *4 Including water

    Patch tested for sensitive skin *5
    Stinging tested *5
    Reduces the appearance of dry fine lines and wrinkles *6

    *5 Not all people will be free from irritation or allergy.
    *6 Efficacy evaluation tested."

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