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A veil with bacteria-derived ingredients that protects the skin's barrier function from all external stimuli during the day. A multi-functional day cream with 7 functions in 1 bottle.

Day Cream

  • With a special manufacturing process*1, the day cream has water-proofing and moisturizing properties.
    No need for reapplication, yet it protects the skin's moisture and can be easily removed with soap or cleanser.

    During the day, the skin's barrier function is damaged by the blue light from computers and UV rays coming in through windows and outdoors. KINS Day Cream is a multi-functional cream that forms a "microbiome veil" to protect the skin's barrier function and moisture from external stimuli and UV rays during the day.

    It glides on smoothly, blends well, does not leave a white cast, and does not require reapplication. In addition, it contains approximately 97.2%*5 of naturally derived ingredients and 85.7%*6 of beauty essence ingredients. We sought to protect the skin while reducing its burden.
    *1 Three-phase emulsification method *2 Prevents adhesion of pollen, dust, PM2.5, etc. *3 Make-up effect by titanium dioxide *4 Contains lactic acid bacteria (Enterococcus faecalis: moisturizing) to protect skin moisture *5*6 Contains water
    Patch tested for sensitive skin
    *7 Stinging tested
    ** Not all people will be free from irritation or allergy.

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