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Understanding Acne
Why it Happens and How it Relates to Bacteria


Acne is not merely a result of poor hygiene; it's a complex condition influenced by various factors, including bacteria. A 2019 study in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology emphasized the role of Propionibacterium acnes in acne. In Singapore, the Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS), under A*STAR, is researching the link between skin microbiomes and skin diseases, a subject that is currently garnering significant attention in the medical community.

The Microbiome
Your Skin’s Invisible Ecosystem and Acne


Your skin is not just skin; it’s a complex microbiome teeming with bacteria. These bacteria, both good and bad, play a significant role in the health of your skin and the development of acne. An imbalanced microbiome can lead to an acne flare-up. According to the same study, an imbalance in the skin's microbiota has been directly linked to acne flare-ups.

How Microbiome Balance Affects Acne Outcomes


A balanced microbiome is key to clear skin. When certain strains of bacteria overgrow, it disrupts the balance, making your skin more susceptible to acne. Treatments targeting the microbiome aim to restore this balance. Research indicates that restoring the balance of the microbiome can significantly reduce acne symptoms.

Solutions that Work
Treatments Targeting the Acne Microbiome

Targeted acne treatments focus on restoring the balance in the skin's microbiome. Probiotics, for instance, introduce good bacteria that help suppress the bad ones, aiding in acne reduction. Research supports the use of probiotics as an effective treatment for restoring the balance of the skin's microbiome.

Busting Myths
Common Misconceptions about Acne and Bacteria

It's time to debunk myths like "Acne is caused by dirty skin" or "Scrubbing your face eliminates acne." These misconceptions can actually worsen your skin condition by disrupting the natural balance of bacteria in your microbiome. Research debunks these myths, emphasizing the role of good bacteria in skin health.

The Future of Acne Treatment
How Microbiome Research is Changing the Game

The study of the microbiome is revolutionizing acne treatments. Future therapies may include customized treatments based on an individual’s unique microbiome, providing a more effective and less invasive approach to acne. Research suggests that personalized microbiome-based treatments could be the next frontier in acne therapy.

Antibiotic Resistance and Acne

Why the Microbiome Matters


Overuse of antibiotics can cause resistance, making acne harder to treat. That's why treatments focusing on balancing the microbiome are gaining attention as sustainable solutions to acne problems. Studies indicate that antibiotic resistance is a growing concern, and microbiome-focused treatments offer a promising alternative.

Personalised Acne Treatment


KINS Clinic is operated by a biotech company that specializes in microbiome research and holds data on the skin of 20,000 Asians. We offer personalized acne treatments that combine various research findings on the microbiome with the expertise of dermatologists who have extensive clinical experience in Singapore. Let ask our doctor your concern.

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Acne-free skin starts with Microbiome care

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