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Protect the skin with a veil of skin-beautifying bacteria*,
A highly functional lotion that leads to soft skin that is pleasant to the touch.
*Commensal skin bacteria that helps maintain skin moisture

Milk (lotion)

  • Looking into bacteria that are common in babies' skin, we have formulated a variety of moisturizing ingredients that create a suitable skin environment for skin beautifying bacteria*. *Commensal skin bacteria that helps maintain skin moisture

    Patch tested for sensitive skin*. Stinging tested*. Reduces the appearance of dry fine lines and wrinkles (efficacy tested)

    *Not all people are free from irritation or allergy

    Next generation ingredient: Lactobacillus ferment filtrate*.
    * Moisturizing ingredient
    We focused on lactobacilli and bacillus bacteria, which are present in babies' skin and decrease in number as they grow older. This product contains fermented filtrate obtained from the cultivation of these bacteria, which are known to protect the delicate skin of newborn babies. It contains a variety of excellent moisturizing ingredients which leads to soft, supple skin.
    Quickly penetrates the lamellar structure of the stratum corneum

    Lamellar structure emulsion
    Ceramide, which is difficult to dissolve in water or oil and does not easily blend with the skin, is quickly absorbed into the stratum corneum to create a suitable environment for skin bacteria to live in. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness*1 and tackles dullness*2, leading to an even and smooth skin appearance.
    *1 Efficacy evaluation tested *2 Moisturizes dull skin caused by dryness.

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